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PROMOAPP platform is the best key solving for every promotional need that your company may have.
If you need a platform that is flexible and offers solutions, easy to implement,
for your creative ideas you are in the right place.

Brands that we helped with campaigns

Campaigns and contest are at our focus!

We developed the platform with the idea in mind that our clients will be able to implement any type of campaign no matter how complex the concept or the mechanics will be.

PROMOAPP core advantages

Fully customizable layouts for landing pages

Custom - background with vizuals, custom form buttons, custom colors for each part of the layout, multiple images layout. PROMOAPP offers every option that you need and more for customization of the landing page or registration page. PROMOAPP offers all this links to fit the brand guidelines and reflect the desired brand image in your campaings.

GDPR compliant

GDPR rules are complex and always need to be tailored to the campaign or promotion that you must implement. That is why our platform was designed starting from the concept of privacy by design and of course, you can customize all the required checks and agreements in order to be compliant.

Client relations form embedded in data intake form

Users shall always have questions: What is the period of the campaign? Where are the terms? And many more that need to be centralized and answered. So, we have a message box in each registration form that they can contact us/you directly.

Multiple channels for registration one database

Why make your shoppers get to one landing page when you can bring the registration form to them ? Some would like to register in Facebook, some in a dedicated landing page, some in your web store. PROMOAPP offers many possibilities for your registration form to be embedded in site and social media platforms.

Instant Analytics

In our market context user data needs to be available in real time and easily accessible as decisions are made in short time. That's why PROMOAPP platform has all the data in real time with graphics for better and easy understanding. PROMOAPP standard reporting offers all you need.

Winner extractions made easy

Instant prizes, digital scratch card, random extraction, lucky moments, daily prizes, unique code, QR codes, slot machine, lucky wheel and many more types avalabile in PROMOAPP platform.

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Why choose us?

Here's What Makes 
Your Best Choice?

Product Lifeline

PROMOAPP platform is constantly developed and maintained by our development team. We are constantly making efforts to achieve the best results for all the browsers and platforms where we deploy campaigns for our clients.

PROMOAPP is not a website but a platform

Having a website with a registration form is not the best choice as it can be hacked and of course, put your user data at risk. PROMOAPP is a platform that offers high user data security. Even if the site in which PROMOAPP is embedded is hacked your user data is safe.

All the data in one place

As campaign and landing pages are increasing data gathering data becomes more and more difficult to centralize and analyze. But with PROMOAPP every campaign merges efficiently in to one database.

PROMOAPP offers advantages for user

Off course the most important players are the user and shoppers. PROMOAPP offers easy registration and user profile creation. More PROMOAPP is perfect for campaigns and loyalty schemes as user don’t have to remember a password.


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Seamless Integration with Most Popular
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Seamless Integration with Most Popular
Marketing Platforms

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